About the course.

Share your experience and discuss the current trends. GaiaMEETING2019 is the third edition of the biennial cardiovascular update course. The last edition was held on April 2017 with over 450 participants.

Update knowledge and skills: there is always something new. The topics of review are in direct relation to cardiovascular diagnosis and therapeutics, and range between technical and clinical subjects, aiming at clear, practical, daily practice points of view.  Place your knowledge in the right perspective.

Innovate your perspectives, get a glimpse of what is yet to come. Join experts and opinion leaders and get to know what is expected from the future of cardiovascular treatment:  new ideas, new technology, top of the line conferences. The cardiology of tomorrow, today.


The 2019 Edition.

Cardiology GaiaMEETING2019 will gather both national and international opinion makers and experts in cardiovascular disease. The course is divided into four sessions, comprising general cardiovascular treatment, rhythm disturbances, heart failure and heart intervention. In between, live-in-the box sections with daily practice issues and discussion.

Not to miss – extraordinary lectures delivered by international experts, right ahead of you: Pedro Brugada, Frank Ruschitzka and Giuseppe Tarantini. Place questions, raise doubts, make your stand. Generate interaction!


Meeting venue.

GaiaMEETING2019 will be held at Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto. Register now, don’t miss your spot!




08:30 Opening of registration secretariat

09:15 Opening Ceremony




Flash into daily practice


Lecture Hosts: Aníbal Albuquerque & Nuno Bettencourt

09:30 The role of Aspirin in 2019.

António Gaspar

09:40 NOACs: the 2019 practical guide.

Marco Oliveira

09:50 CT scan'em all: calcium score and more.

Nuno Ferreira

10:00 Dyslipidemias 2019: road to LDL=0.

Jorge Ferreira

10:10 Cardiology’s top five in 2019.

Francisco Sampaio




PFO Closure Cardio & Neurology.

Host: Lino Santos

Facilitators: Marco Costa & Pedro Barros


10:50 Coffee-break







Finding the right rhythm


Lecture Hosts: Mário Oliveira & Vítor Sanfins

11:35 New recommendations for sports practice in cardiovascular patients.

Hélder Dores

11:50 Finding subclinical arrhytmias: a role for smartwatches and other gadgets.

Paulo Fonseca

12:05 Selection of candidates for AF ablation in 2019.

João Almeida

12:20 Update in the management of vagal syncope.

Sérgio Barra





Aborted sudden cardiac death: the day after.

Conference Hosts: João Primo & Leonor Parreira


13:25 Lunch Break







Helping the failing heart




Current and Future Challenges in Heart Failure Therapy.

Conference Hosts: Vasco Gama & José Silva Cardoso


Lecture Hosts: Daniel Caeiro & Adelino Leite Moreira

15:10 Fast track lane for acute heart failure.

Rui Baptista

15:25 Long term ventricular assistance: road to the artificial heart.

Pedro Catarino

15:40 Heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

Diogo Cavaco

15:55 What’s new in Cardiodiabetology.

Ricardo Fontes de Carvalho


16:30 Coffee-break







Inside the heart




TAVI for all?

Conference Hosts: Pedro Braga & Rui Teles




A great case, yet to be!

Host: Alberto Rodrigues

Facilitators: Luís Vouga & António Fiarresga


Lecture Hosts: José Ribeiro & Eduardo Infante de Oliveira

18:05 Mitral-time: now and tomorrow.

Rodrigo Estévez-Loureiro

18:20 Multivessel coronary disease: the quest for hybrid treatment.

Manuel Almeida

18:35 What’s coming next for cardiac interventions and devices.

Duarte Cacela





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